Mystic Vibes- Brand Survey Mystic Vibes is a sustainable personal care brand, and we have pledge to plant thirty thousand plants by the end of 2023. Our aim is to provide a chemical free, cruelty free and vegan products to our customer.

Your age?
Do you consider using sustainable / plant based / eco-friendly make-up product ?
What is your preference while using any make-up or cosmetic product ?
Do you prioritize vegan products?
What is your preference if asked to buy a face serum ? (You can select multiple)
How often you use face serum?
How often you wear mist?
Is your skin allergic to perfumes or body mists?
Have you ever used make-up remover?
Would you like to have our sample products?
Which of the following types of ingredients would you more likely to buy a make-up product?
How willing are you to try different kind of skin care products?
Is achieving a healthy skin important to you? (Optional)
What is your skin type?
How much you spend monthly on cosmetic products?
Where do you get information about skin care products?
Can we share our new products notification to you via email / whatsapp?
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